Year 2019 horoscope – all you need to know


Because Uranus will leave you for a few months Your solar signal will feel a major relief as if escaping from a burden that constantly and sometimes very hard on your head. As long as Uranus moves into the Sign of Taurus, May 16th – November 7th, use it to analyze the events and relationships you have been involved in, and you may still be, exploring the positive and the negative aspects. This will help you to live alive on other bases and to direct your efforts towards constructive actions.

Career becomes a priority. The herbs are looking for and probably are finding their way. Especially since May, when there are changes, ideas, new opportunities, both professional and financial. Some Aries change their profession or pursue very clear goals with long beats. They want authority, power and control. He takes bigger responsibilities. Some can get important features.

Changes in status, dynamic relationships with bosses and authorities, contingency of socio-professional reorientation are outlined. The situation at the workplace improves after 6 August.

Financially we see new opportunities to gain from and through others, major long-term investments, reconfiguration of links with people with whom you have common expenses. Money is becoming a hot topic, and surprises are in the chain in 2019. You can win from unexpected sources, you can multiply your money, you can get all kinds of benefits through others. But it’s a fairly fluctuating area, especially from now on, when Uranus will enter the Aries money house. You will also have losses, perhaps, but if you are flexible and creative, earnings will exceed the losses. A really good yearly horoscope can be found on this astrology website :


It is the year of great changes in personality and clarification of many personal and professional matters.

A new era begins. Uranus crosses the border to Taurus in May 2019, after eight years of state in Aries. Thus, a process of gaining freedom, but also of creativity, begins beyond the limits of the Tauri.

From May 16th to November 7th, Uranus will translate your Solar Sign, dynamizing your personality, how to be and how you relate to others and to everyday events. Your characteristic attributes, calmness, patience, perseverance, discretion will be shaken, somewhere removed, revealing a whole new facet. Control your states and reactions, as you can spoil good relationships and situations.

Health is still vulnerable, so be careful about your body’s signals. Rest your consciousness, adopt a proper diet, and keep in touch with various health care professionals.

The socio-professional segment is very animated, highlighting conflicts at work, especially with women. Remember what is happening in the professional sphere, because the premises of what will follow in the coming years are underway.

Financially, for Taurus there are no significant transits, however, their money comes from partnerships / collaborations and the courage to follow their ideas, however bold it may be. Professionally, however, they will have to make serious adjustments and realize they have accepted a lot to indulge in unreasonable situations, so it is necessary to radically change some aspects in this regard.

Family relationships, professional relationships, close relations with the entourage become active due to eclipses on the Leo, Aquarius and Cancer signs. Major changes in mentality, the reconfiguration of these relationships, the detachment from situations that have turned out to be outdated. In the partnership, marriage, divorce, separation of old collaborations, and involvement in others are entirely new.

From a sentimental point of view, they live a time they have not known before, peacefully, quietly and happily, in the couple’s relationship and in everything that means developing important partnerships and relationships. Some Taurus will marry in 2019 or change their relational status in one way or another.


For Gemini it is a year of development, evolution, knowledge.

Gemini is oriented towards a more appropriate lifestyle, they have to learn, of course, to explore more subtle areas within them. They can turn to a process of spiritual development.

A very good year for health and for the socio-professional environment in which you work. It relieves or even disappears old affections, finds great natural remedies to improve the whole state of the organsim and information obtained by unconventional ways will bring you viable solutions for all the situations you are involved in or want to get involved with.

Professionally, you can improve working conditions, payroll, and possibly another much better paid job with a very interesting and varied activity. Some Gemini find their dream job, others develop a business, increase their team, increase their performance, know exactly what they want.

The financial segment is vulnerable until August 6, especially common expenses with others, inheritances, parcels, business investment. Prudence and avoidance of any kind of debt are recommended.

It is necessary to rely on the money coming from your own work and your own strengths, as some doors are closed and the area of favors or material benefits narrowed. Some Gemini will have to draw clear boundaries within associations or share money and goods after breaks.

With regard to the sentimental plan, Gemini will review the way they give love, reevaluate their feelings, take a step back to look more closely at their relationship and involvement (October-November). Many Gemini have to recognize mistakes they have made.

From November, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius and brings joy in the relational plane, even possible new alliances.

Uranus will leave your friends for a while and move to the secret area of your destiny. This will accentuate the tendency to isolation, the proximity to esoteric disciplines, but it will also influence the conflicts in the workplace. Carefully observe what is happening both in the health plan and in the professional plan, as it is a preamble of what will follow in the years to come. The formation of eclipses on the Leo Signs, Aquarius, Cancer brings you influences in your relationship with your closest entourage, remodeling your mentality and philosophy of life.


For Cancer, 2019 means serious reconfiguration with regard to their individuality and creativity, which have been overtaken so far. Cats can get rid of constraining social relationships, from projects that do not represent them, from frustrating life contexts.

Sentimental and partner relationships are the main topics of 2019. You want to love and be loved, but this time you will no longer accept any kind of compromise, no matter who or what it is. There are chances to get involved in a new sentimental relationship or where you are already going to radically change your terms and conditions of operation.

2019 brings to Cancer passion, warmth, love, joy of life, the desire to create and do what they like. You’ve never felt so inspired and careful about what inspires you to be and do.

Children will also come into discussion, plans to have children, or decide to get involved more or less in the life of younger generations.

The partner relationships segment is very animated, with the possibility of separation, divorce, reconfiguration of all relationships with both a life partner and professional relationships. Until 06 August, it is good to clarify things in a partnership plan and get away from unsatisfactory situations and relationships. Possible litigation in the periods 17 March – 16 May and 14 August – 11 September.

Uranus moves into the Taurus Sign between May 16th and November 7th, boosting your relationship with friends. You can come to your special, exciting, original, progressive people with whom you can get involved in professional projects.

It is also a year in which the Cats are determined to mature, to be more selective in terms of relationships and collaboration, to become more involved in everything that involves relationships.

Eclipses of the year give you effects in the financial segment, but they will also shape your way of being and reporting to others and surrounding events. From a financial point of view, you can find new sources of income with the help of alignments and integration into groups that share your vision and beliefs. In any case, you have the chance to reinvent yourself.